Accelerated These classes are shorter in length and re taught at an accelerated rate. There is an expectation of more out-of-class homework.

Computer Conferencing A distance learning system using video conferencing technology as the primary method of instruction.

Hybrid/Computer Conferencing Combination of Computer Conferencing and Online instruction.

Hybrid/In Person Combination of In Person and Online instruction.

Hybrid/Telepresence Combination of Telepresence and Online instruction.

In Person Traditional classroom instruction.

Independent Study These classes are conducted as independent studies and do not require classroom attendance. They have an open-entry/open-exit format. Generally these classes need to be finished within a 17 week timeframe starting from the time of enrollment unless otherwise notated. Successful students have good time management and organizational skills.

Online Online courses are offered exclusively over the internet and accessed via Blackboard.

Telepresence A distance learning system using interactive television/video as the primary method of instruction.



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