Class Number 21454
Catalog Number 32-404-320
Class Title Hybrid Systems-Auto
Class Topic
Semester / Year Spring 2021
Units 1.00
Instructor Andres,Curt S
Course Fee  $151.73
Senior Fee  $151.73



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Building Industrial Bldg.
Instruction Mode In Person
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Class Description
Learners receive a general overview of hybrid vehicle systems, including motor, inverter, and CVT operation. Also provides an overview of hybrid safety requirements and demonstration of proper high voltage lockout procedures. Corequisites: Automatic Transmissions 32404323, Advanced Electrical Systems-Auto 32404312, and Fuel Control Systems-Auto 32404326
Important Class Notes
Students will attend the class on the scheduled day and time. Students have the option to attend class in-person or using a web conferencing tool. (If the class has a lab, students should plan on attending the lab in-person.) Students should check their Mid-State email prior to the first class for any additional announcements or instructions.



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