Class Number 27654
Catalog Number 60-891-633
Class Title Sheepshead for Beginners
Class Topic
Semester / Year Spring 2020
Units 0.10
Instructor Bernstein,Craig
Course Fee  $19.00
Senior Fee  $19.00



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Building Administration Bldg.
Instruction Mode In Person
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Class Description
Whether you play “Jack of Diamonds” partner or “Call an Ace,” Sheepshead card game can be found at many family gatherings throughout Wisconsin. This first session of this course will teach you the basics of Sheepshead, including the rules of the game, game specific terminology (don’t be a “Maurer” and you better “schmear” to get “Schneider,”) as well as common strategy. In the second night, we will explore strategies for picking and leading, as well as look at common variants, such as leaster and cracking.
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