Class Number 66528
Catalog Number 60-001-602
Class Title Edible Mushroom Cultivation
Class Topic
Semester / Year Fall 2017
Units 0.05
Instructor Miller,Anthony
Course Fee  $38.00
Senior Fee  $38.00



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Class Description
This session is a short primer on the basics of edible mushroom cultivation. The benefits of integrating mushrooms into garden systems will also be discussed. Mushroom mycelium, which has a cobweb like appearance, is the part of the mushroom that is responsible for seeking and digesting food in order to support the explosive growth of “the mushroom” or the edible parts, called that cap and stalk. When you introduce mycelium or spawn into a specific, select growing medium or substrate (like logs, straw, sawdust and even toilet paper rolls) that provides food, water and air, you can grow your own mushrooms that you know are safe to eat. In this session, you will have an opportunity to inoculate various substrates with mushroom spawn and will take home a project that will allow you to grow your own edible mushrooms.
Important Class Notes
This class is being held at the Lettie W. Jensen Community Center in Amherst, WI



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