Class Number 26452
Catalog Number 47-111-401
Class Title Photo Composition & Photoshop
Class Topic
Semester / Year Spring 2019
Units 0.40
Instructor Ilagan,Jessye Ann
Course Fee  $120.00
Senior Fee  $66.32



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Building Education Bldg.
Instruction Mode In Person
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Class Description
This course will help you understand different types of cameras, equipment and camera functions. We will cover troubleshooting bad photos to better understand exposure and blurriness issues, as well as learn about differences in light sources. You will learn the rules of composition and the language of photography in order to understand the best camera to meet your needs. After you learn about taking photos, the second half of the course will provide hands-on, introductory instruction of fundamental Adobe Photoshop design techniques to include document setup, creation methods, and file output. Learn the Photoshop work area while you practice basic photo correction, use selections and layers, add text, create with the digital painting tool, and more! Regardless of whether you take the course for business or personal reasons, you’ll gain confidence and leave with the basic knowledge necessary to transform images into sophisticated graphics.
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