Class Number 63510
Catalog Number 10-504-103
Class Title Fitness for Law Enforcement
Class Topic
Semester / Year Fall 2021
Units 1.00
Instructor Bushmaker,Paul J
Course Fee  $163.46
Senior Fee  $163.46



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Building Education Bldg.
Instruction Mode In Person
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Class Description
This course is designed to get students prepared for the physical fitness demands of law enforcement. Learners will identify healthy habits and explore ways to make fitness a part of their daily lives to build the foundation for a healthy career. Learners will be prepared to meet the physical entrance standards for the DOJ recruit academy. Prerequisites: Admission to Criminal Justice-Studies program 105045, Introduction to Law Enforcement 10504114, and Court Procedures 10504112
Important Class Notes
Students will attend class fully in-person on the scheduled day and time. Students should check their Mid-State email prior to the first class for any additional announcements or instructions.



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