Class Number 63499
Catalog Number 32-412-340
Class Title Intro to Elec-Diesel Industry
Class Topic
Semester / Year Fall 2021
Units 1.00
Instructor Omernik,Christopher T
Course Fee  $177.46
Senior Fee  $177.46



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Building DTC
Instruction Mode In Person
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Class Description
Introduces learners to electrical measurement tools and techniques. Includes both hands-on experience and theory on topics including multimeter operation, Ohm's law, wiring diagram interpretation, and circuit testing. Content is focused on tools and procedures commonly used in automotive, and diesel/heavy equipment industries. Learners will have the opportunity to earn NC3 multimeter certification during this course. Prerequisite: Admission to Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician program 324121 or Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Assistant program 314122
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