Class Number 21506
Catalog Number 32-412-330
Class Title Capstone-Live Diesel Repair
Class Topic
Semester / Year Spring 2021
Units 2.00
Instructor Engel,Scott D
Course Fee  $357.46
Senior Fee  $357.46



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Building Industrial Bldg.
Instruction Mode In Person
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Class Description
Learners have the opportunity to work on "live" diagnostic and repair projects and have their knowledge and skills assessed across a wide spectrum of projects provided by business and industry. Work orders, troubleshooting, parts ordering, installation, and quality checks are all elements included to provide real-life experiences as students prepare to begin their diesel and heavy equipment career. Prerequisites: Engine Repair 32412324, Fuel Systems & Alternative Fuels 32412327; Corequisites: Engine Performance & Emissions-Diesel 32412310 and Advanced Electricity-Diesel 32412311
Important Class Notes
Students will attend class fully in-person on the scheduled day and time. Students should check their Mid-State email prior to the first class for any additional announcements or instructions.



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