Class Number 63769
Catalog Number 10-152-121
Class Title Object-Oriented Programming 1
Class Topic
Semester / Year Fall 2021
Units 3.00
Instructor Presley,Brent A
Course Fee  $458.88
Senior Fee  $458.88



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Building Technical Bldg.
Instruction Mode Hybrid/In Person > 5
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Introduces object-oriented programming and design, with a focus on building the conceptual framework necessary to understand and build object-oriented programs. This course uses C# .NET, and the Unified Modeling Language (UML), to present concepts from a variety of perspectives. Learners will create UML diagrams and write/debug C# .NET applications, applying the object-oriented basics of abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. Additional topics include: object instantiation/lifetime/scope, methods, properties, visibility modifiers and collections/multiplicity. Corequisites: Intro to Programming 10152101
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63772  10-152-121  Object-Oriented Programming 1    Stevens Point  08/25/21  View Class Information 



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